Monday, December 26, 2011


Many people might be wandering is SIRI really that useful ? well, i have to say that you going to love this SIRI as much as you love dad and mum. Wonder why i say so? First of all, why do you love you parents so much? Is it because they provide shelter for you, provide guidance for you and others? So Siri is able to do what i mention previously which is provide guidance and it can be you virtual partner to talk to when you are emotionally down. Don't believe me? Try it and you believe me. But wait don't you need a carrier/telco for you siri to be able to function ? So how am i going to use my SIRI???? Don't panic, DIGI have come out an awesome plan for Iphone 4S user as the companions for the SIRI. Many people might be wondering how awesome is this DIGI plan, well i had to admit that it super duper freaking awesome as it only cost you RM55(after auto-billing). This is the price for the lower entry/ lightweight user like me. Does this sound so cool!! For the full plan pricing, please refer to this link :

Christmas wish from Digi and Siri


unlock iphone 4 said...

I have heard and also use this Siri Software in my iPhone 4S. Really amazing technology.I really glad to see your post. Thanks for sharing great informative things for us.

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