Monday, December 26, 2011


Many people might be wandering is SIRI really that useful ? well, i have to say that you going to love this SIRI as much as you love dad and mum. Wonder why i say so? First of all, why do you love you parents so much? Is it because they provide shelter for you, provide guidance for you and others? So Siri is able to do what i mention previously which is provide guidance and it can be you virtual partner to talk to when you are emotionally down. Don't believe me? Try it and you believe me. But wait don't you need a carrier/telco for you siri to be able to function ? So how am i going to use my SIRI???? Don't panic, DIGI have come out an awesome plan for Iphone 4S user as the companions for the SIRI. Many people might be wondering how awesome is this DIGI plan, well i had to admit that it super duper freaking awesome as it only cost you RM55(after auto-billing). This is the price for the lower entry/ lightweight user like me. Does this sound so cool!! For the full plan pricing, please refer to this link :

Christmas wish from Digi and Siri

Sunday, December 25, 2011


It almost been three years since my last post haha........i sure everyone pretty surprise why i would blog again. The only reason i writing this post is as the tribute to the Apple's Creative Director. You know who that ? It been a while since Mr Steve Jobs leave us with his last piece of product under his strict & creative product management. You will understand what i saying if you do read a lots of news regarding him in international papers and interviews. Back to the main point which i would to share with fellow malaysian, i guess everyone is waiting for the 16-12-2011 which apparently is more exciting than this date 11-11-11 because Apple 4S is going to be launch on 16-12-2011. I guess many people spend their time queue but why do you need to do when you can order the unit online from digi online store and just wait for the unit to be delivery to you doorstep? This is so nice and i love this service. This is the link for the Digi Iphone 4S online store purchase link :

I pretty must sure that everyone also want to know which telco offer the best plan to for the iphone user to their client. Do i still need to mention it when that particular telco that carry this slogan "always the smarter choice" ? As i can not directly point out which company or telco is no good or lie or what so ever. I just use color notations as i sure those color carry a significant meaning. This is to prevent myself from unwanted lawsuit from some company.

I been a loyal customer to Digi for more than 7 to 8 years already and Digi have never let me down. Digi always offer the best rate for their customer such as postpaid plan which i think is the best postpaid plan in malaysia. For the new Iphone 4S user which bought the unit from Digi, Digi is very generous to offer a plan which i think is very affordable by all malaysian regardless whether you are student, working adult or retirees. For lower entry/ lightweight user like me, you guess can try out the Digi Idigi 88 which the monthly commitment is RM55 only(after auto-billing) which is freaking cheap!!! checkout the feature for this awesome plan below!!!

So what are you guys waiting for ? Don't know which outlet have iphone? Don't know the Digi Center or Digi Speacialised Store(DSS) located ? Don't worry, just click the link to find the nearest store :

Just want to share with you guys the first two guys that get their SIRI from DIGI. Congratz bro!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tv Drama Shooting At Wism OCM

Sorry for so long did not update my blog due to personal reason and also load with so much of things to do and exam.There some picture i took when i went for TV Drama shooting under the mediacorp house production.

"hey you all there" said the assistant director

shooting scene

camera rolling.....

acting look cool.........

lovely & friendly auntie taking pic with her fan

Alvin is so busy with his fan 

cameraman need to climb up so high

Here some of the pic taken with the artist

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

our brave stuntman & me

me & director

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my life for the past weeks..........

It been a very tiring week for me for the last two weeks, everyday got so many things need to handle. I got only 2 hands and one brain function at one time ok! I just finish one of my big event last saturday as sound & lighting system coordinator = very tiring job!

the crowd

our cameraman

quincy tan (invited artist)

me & quincy

pic with quincy

quincy signing his fan cd

Upcoming Event

check it out more at

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Phlox Studio.............

For those who like to follow fashion & make sure what they wear is up-to-date. Here is the good news, Phlox Studio is being form by 8 under-graduate student from Faculty of Creative Multimedia, MMU.

PHLOX STUDIO brings you a variety of MALE&FEMALE clothes + accessories

The founder of Phlox Studio......

For Gals......



For Guys............

Rainbow Stripes (black colour)

Rainbow Stripes (white colour) 


What you need to do is.......

Step 1: Buy clothes from Phlox Studio!!!
Step 2: Apply to join make over contest FOR FREE
(*only applicable if you buy above RM80).
Step 3: Phlox Studio's photographer snap a picture of you before you change to the clothes you just bought from Phlox Studio and a picture of you after you change into it.
(this will include a slight make-over on your outer looks)
Step 4: Phlox Studio upload pictures of contestants to Phlox Studio blog.
Step 5: You get your friends to vote for you via online.
Step 6: Winner gets an additional clothes from Phlox Studio for FREE.

Sounds like an easy way to win yourself free clothes right?


You can now vote for your favorite make-over contestant.
but PLEASE please vote wisely as you will be the one to decide who will walk away with FREE CLOTHES FROM Phlox Studio.

Below is some pic of my favourite contestant(Please help to vote for my favourite so that they can win this competition haha....)

Male contestant(contestant number 10)

pic 1

pic 2

Female contestant(contestant number 12)

pic 1

pic 2

For more information, please log on to Phlox Studio official website :

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My event........

Suddenly i had the feeling of doing a post about my event that i had done before. I prefer to tell you guys about my life using picture as " a picture tell a thousand word".

Singapore Artiste special showcase Event

a singapore artiste showcase arranged by me.......

Andy Wong & Christopher Wong

Microsoft Vista Campus Launch Event

Microsoft Student Ambassador(Mr Smith Ang) & vista gal

chris & vista gal during Microsoft Vista campus launch event

other event crew.......

Fitness Carnival 2008

one of the security personal give a try

try to give a shot for arm wrestling

another interesting activities.....


all the committee so hardworking preparing for the event

GO GO GO for the HYPE run.......

Mr Alan giving the speech.....

run run faster fun lolz........

why all stare at me?

4th Malaysia intervarsity song composing promotion roadshow

how the stage look like........

lovely event director (miss yin ling)

group photo event crew for the event

Orientation Night

how the stage look like........

one of the lovely stall being set up........

all the event crew photo session

Nickelodean "let's go play" Event

nickelodeon event stage.........

random pic no 1

random pic no 2

group photo for event crew

Future Event (caming soon) 

 4thMalaysia inter-varsity Song Composing Competition

For more detail about this event please visit

RMMU Carnival & Charity Concert2008
For more detail, please visit